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Scott & Crosby's Staffing’s

Efforts to Advance DEI Internally


At Scott & Crosby Staffing, Inc., we must practice what we preach. Internally, we have built a DEI strategy in partnership with senior leadership that addresses 4 core pillars of opportunity. Those pillars include:

  • Talent Attraction

  • Equity & Inclusion for our talent

  • Opportunity for growth and development  

  • Embedding DEI practices and conversations into our culture.


The Talent Acquisition team plays a lead role in these efforts, in building and presenting diverse candidate slates to our hiring teams.

However, to make real change, everyone plays a part. We recognize that to attract and retain underrepresented talent, it is critical to foster a space that equips our talent to be successful. We are recommitting to our Employee Vision and have incorporated it into our DEI strategy. Our ultimate goal is that every SC Staffing, Inc. employee has a sense of belonging, a voice that is heard, and a clear path to success. 

Scott & Crosby Staffing, Inc. serves as a trusted partner to a wide range of organizations by supporting HR Outsourcing and talent acquisition initiatives.

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