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Retained Search

We Thrive In Placing Leadership Who Can Successfully Meet Your Strategic Goals.

We offer the most expedient, comprehensive executive search service in the business. All aspects of the search and placement are taken care of for you.

Founded in the most innovative and competitive markets in the country, we model our approach to your search in the same way. We ask the right questions the first time around. That way even if you’re not fully decided on the level of experience you’re looking for, our engaged and intelligent recruiters can quickly understand your objectives and deliver you a group of candidates worthy of final consideration.

We offer our clients unparalleled reach into national and local networks with many candidate options and provide a private pool of fully vetted, private professionals that continues to grow each day.


In addition, our national candidate pool is extremely expansive and always available for searches requiring additional talent to consider.


We’ll hear you, and then we’ll help you find it.


As a socially-conscious executive recruiting and staffing firm it is our goal to help our clients, local communities, and skilled candidates connect, benefit, and grow successfully. We leverage our expertise to grow our clients’ business operations and retain competitive talent.

The following is a list of services we provide to our Executive Search clients:

  1. Analysis – We learn, plan, and immediately create a successful recruitment schedule you may rely on.

  2. Recruiting – We leverage.

  3. Networking – We cast a wide net.

  4. Screening – We are skilled.

  5. Evaluation – We are thorough.

  6. Candidate Presentations – We deliver.

  7. Client Interviews – We schedule.

  8. Final Candidate Selection – We carefully recommend and answer your questions.

  9. Reference & Background Checking – We are detailed.

  10. Final Offer/Close – We make it happen.

  11. Guarantee – We stand by our work and services.

Our team stands ready to recruit and select best-fit talent on your behalf and execute an expedient, holistic search offering communication and dedication in every step of the way. To connect with one of our executive search experts, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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