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Comprehensive Staffing Solutions for Your Organization

At Scott & Crosby Staffing, Inc., we're dedicated to providing comprehensive staffing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our range of services encompasses everything from executive-level recruitment to strategic HR support and interim staffing solutions. Explore our offerings below to discover how we can support your organization's talent acquisition and management needs.

  • Retained Executive Search: Our Retained Executive Search service is designed to identify and recruit top-tier leadership talent for critical roles within your organization. With a meticulous approach and extensive industry expertise, we partner with you to attract exceptional executives who will drive your organization's success.

  • Contingency Direct Hire: For clients seeking immediate staffing solutions, our Contingency Direct Hire service offers a streamlined approach to finding and hiring top talent. Whether you're looking to fill permanent positions quickly or require assistance with ongoing recruitment needs, we're here to help you identify and secure the best candidates for your team.

  • Temp & Temp 2 Hire: Need temporary staffing solutions to cover short-term gaps or seasonal demands? Our Temp and Temp 2 Hire services provide flexible staffing options to keep your operations running smoothly. Whether you need temporary support for a specific project or want to evaluate candidates before making a permanent hire, we have you covered.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services offer a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to outsource some or all of their recruitment processes. From candidate sourcing and screening to onboarding support, we handle every aspect of the recruitment lifecycle, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. 

Interim Staffing Support:

When unexpected staffing gaps arise or you need interim support during periods of transition, our Interim Staffing Support services offer a flexible solution. We provide skilled professionals on a temporary basis to ensure continuity and stability within your organization while you navigate changes or transitions.

HR Strategic Support:

Partner with us for strategic HR support tailored to your organization's unique needs. Whether you require assistance with workforce planning, talent management strategies, or HR policy development, our experienced team provides expert guidance and support to help you achieve your HR objectives.

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